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EVERYTHING happens On Time.

Let me share with you a little bit about myself. Since 2009 I have been working to bring a conversation to the American Citizenry. To do this I took to Social Media as well as local organizations and groups like so many others.

I'm a FREE thinker. Independent.

I'm a mother, the young widow of internationally renowned scientist -- Professor Rene  L. Cruz -- who we lost to pancreatic cancer. I am a hobbyist baker and photographer, my largest accomplishment has been mastering lifestyle fitness and well being, a lifetime writer, an organic motivator, a fierce online personality with a passion and drive for our nation and political activism--deep into commentary, strategy, and analysis. My political leanings are freedom based and I view myself as a constitutional conservative, with a strong dose of sobering libertarian leanings. I operate on principle, values, and yes--my views can change with data. My professional background covers, from the ground up, all areas of small business operations and administration in the private sector, as well as a solid stretch in academia covering safety management, business administration, payroll, specialized HR, with my favorite area being domestic and international policy analysis and interpretation.

More importantly than what we know is how we give. I believe giving of oneself is centric to living a full life, and as such, volunteerism is at the core of filling my free time. To learn more about me just ask, I am eager to learn what I can do to help you as well.

I believe we write our own History by living bravely in the present

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